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The MSc in Architecture aims to train an intellectual and professional figure of a European architect, who has knowledge and skills related to the design and management of the transformation processes of the existing and construction of the new, about economic, technical and design aspects, analysis and design of environmental systems, historical and current situation analysis, outlining an architect aware of the complexity and opportunities of the profession of the contemporary architect. The design skills that the course tends to train are based on the ability to analyze and transform the relationships between man and architecture, between architectural objects and the natural and artificial environment, from the small to the largest scale of the project, in their specific consistency and in the more general relationship with the context. The training offer is divided into two years and four semesters. It is mainly based on multidisciplinary laboratories, the main axes of the educational path, and on frontal teaching courses. The activities chosen by the students, the traineeships and the participation of students in international seminars and workshops, allow knowledge and direct participation in the dynamics of professional practice, national and international, allowing a more specific characterization of the training.


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Specific objectives

The “Master of Science in Architecture-Architectural Design” is a two-year course. It has as its objective the training of the architect as established by the LM-4 Class of the master's degrees in “Architecture and Architectural engineering”. The course is oriented to train designers who are able to know, understand and plan the transformation of reality, through in-depth study of the main design disciplines: Architectural and Urban design, Restoration, Building and Environmental Technology, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture. The specific training in all design areas strongly connotes the figure of the specialist graduate in Architecture - Architectural design.


Specific objectives

Students are admitted without any formative debts to the "Master of Science in Architecture-Architectural Design" course, after having obtained the three-year degree (L17 class) in Science of Architecture.


Educational offer

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